Nagley's House Cats
Cats and the Nagley's General Store have a long and illustrious
history. In the time of the current Nagley's General Store there have
been five cats to call Nagley's home. Happy to a fault - these are the
best cats in Alaska.
Gemini was a product of the
age - in a time when Talkeetna
had super groovy pads for a
free ranging cat like Gemini.
Nagley's General Store
You're a true Talkeetnan if you
can count Gemini as a friend.
Holly - That 80's Cat
Holly was given to Nagley's as a
kitten in the late 80's. She lived at
the store until the early 90's.
She then retired to a ranch in
Bend Oregon but continued her
mousing duties. She passed away
in 1999.
Squeeker was a friendly
Tabby cat who loved to
hang out in the liquor store
side of Nagley's.
Stubbs -
The Fonzi of Cats in Talkeetna, Stubbs is named for
his short tail. He makes his home on the top floor of
Nagley's. You can find him sunning himself on dark
colored vehicles during sunny summertime days and
listening to live music outside the Fairview Inn in the
Charlie was the 'Fat Cat' of Nagley's. A Persian
without compare he makes his home wherever
there is warmth - which isn't far in Talkeetna.
Charlie passed away in 2004 after a sudden illness
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Sadly he lost his life in the
Great Fire of 1997.